Jimmy composed and produced all the music for the Quiz Show in the winter 2004.
Musicians, all instruments by: Jimmy Westerlund

Project Info:

Do your friends check your Bathroom cabinet?
Is the average age of a rock star 37 years?
Is Kermit the frog left handed?

ENIGMA is a quiz show where everyone knows something, but no one knows everything. With a little humor and reasoning, you know more than you think you do.

- Cost effective intelligent entertainment
- Unlimited number of episodes
- Taped shows with live interactivity

The format includes:

- Production bible
- Graphic design
- Music
- Software and database for quiz editors.
- 600 ready to use questions
- All software needed for studio recording.
- Postproduction graphics
- All soft and hardware for interactive broadcasting
- Database keeping track of interactive viewers

More about Enigma: http://www.yle.fi/fst/program/enigma.php