Featured in Finland Musicians Federation (Muusikoiden Liitto) Magazine



Was honored (together with a nice trio of producers) to be featured in the January article of the Finland Musicians Federation Magazine (Muusikoiden Liitto). Quoting the headline “Mystical Producers Blow Life Into The Music” 3 pages of insight into how us producers/songwriters/engineers/mixers work and how music is made today.. Don´t know if I can sign under that I am one of the top producer as in my opinion there are a couple other guys that should have made the list  But sure I will accept the kind words and it is rather flattering to get some appraising & rewarding critique between all the hard work. But I remind you all that there is no scientifically accurate methods of analysing these kind of things who is the best or things alike, it´s all perception.

But all in all very tastefully written and at least me personally as a big fan I was very anxiously eager to read about amazing Jonas Olsson and legendary Hiili Hiilesmaa how they think, how they make their magic and how they accomplish their daily routines. A lot of content and behind the scenes in this article.